Connectix Corporation

Connectix Corporation merged with Microsoft in February 2003. The original link of:

no longer exists.

Information about the merger can be seen at Microsoft's FAQ concerning the merger:

Current product information for Virtual PC can be found at Microsoft's Virtual PC product home page:

Below is the original information Warpstock published in relation to Connectix Corporation in the year 2002.

Connectix has been at the forefront of virtual machine development since it was founded in 1988. In its initial product, Virtual, Connectix used VM technology to produce the first implementation of virtual memory for personal computers. In 1997, Connectix introduced Virtual PC. This new product combined the VM technology with a processor emulator to enable Macintosh users to run Microsoft Windows and Windows applications on the Mac OS.

Virtual PC For OS/2 enables users to run Windows and OS/2 applications simultaneously on a single computer, providing seamless integration and interoperability between Windows and OS/2 environments. With Virtual PC for OS/2, companies can continue to benefit from their strategic investments in OS/2 applications as well as new operating systems and applications, while eliminating the expense of managing dual systems or downtime of continuous rebooting.

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