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Warpstock 2000 location to be announced shortly.

Dear Warpstockers,

As chair of Warpstock, Inc. I wanted to inform everyone of the progress being made on Warpstock 2000. Originally, the Warpstock Board wanted to announce the location of Warpstock 2000 on January 1, 2000. Due to the fact we did not receive any satisfactory bids, this announcement will be delayed until January 31, 2000.

The current plans for Warpstock 2000 have the board soliciting volunteers for the event team and being the actual sponsoring group. So if you're in the mood to make a difference for Warpstock 2000, please contact me . In the meantime, the board has narrowed down the location to three choices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia, Orlando, Florida and Los Angeles, California. We would like to ask you for your input in making this decision. Please visit the poll on the Warpstock website and choose your favorite. Your input will be one of the factors in deciding where Warpstock 2000 will be held.


Paul Hethmon
Warpstock, Inc.

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