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Warpstock 2000 : Celebrate Freedom in Philly!

Warpstock, Inc. (Internet)
Contact: David Ameiss, Secretary

The Board of Directors of Warpstock, Inc. is pleased to announce Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been selected as the site for Warpstock 2000, the fourth annual Warpstock event, during the weekend of September 9-10, 2000.

OS/2 users from around the world are invited to Philadelphia, the birthplace of American freedom, to "celebrate their freedom to make OS/2 their operating system of choice", according to Paul Hethmon, President of Warpstock, Inc.

Final details are still being arranged, but "a walk-though of the Warpstock 2000 site has already been completed, and it looks good," said Stan Sidlov, Treasurer of Warpstock, Inc. Once the final arrangements are in place, another announcement will be made, and details will be posted on the Warpstock Web Site, http://www.warpstock.org.

The 4th annual Warpstock conference is produced by Warpstock, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit corporation.The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy.

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