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Come To Warpstock 99

March 17, 1999

Come to Warpstock 99 - Date and Location to be Announced on Saturday, March 20, 1999

With two excellent bids, the Warpstock, Inc. Board of Directors was faced with a very difficult decision, but after almost a week of debate, a host city for the Warpstock 99 conference has been selected. The hotel and exhibit hall locations have been secured and we are now beginning to move forward on plans for Warpstock 99.

"VOICE has been extremely supportive of the Warpstock conference in the past, and we're counting on their continued support," said Larry B. Finkelstein, President of Warpstock, Inc., "We decided to give them the honor of hosting an IRC Speakup session to publicly announce the Warpstock 99 host city."

The VOICE Speakup session has been scheduled for Saturday, March 20, 1999, at 1 P.M. EST. This time was selected to accommodate the interested parties in Europe and the rest of the world. The host city will be announced and members of the 1999 host team, along with members of the 1998 host team and the Warpstock, Inc. Board of Directors, will be available to announce the plans and field questions from the audience. So get your questions and suggestions ready. This continues to be an event "by and for" the OS/2 community, so your input and valuable suggestions are always welcome.

The Voice IRC sessions may be accessed on the following WEBBnet servers:

irc.webbnet.org ports 6660 thru 6669
irc.us.webbnet.org ports 6660 thru 6669

If further assistance is needed with IRC, please contact VOICE at help@os2voice.org.

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