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Armin Schwarz

Armin Schwarz, developer of a number of OS/2 applications, including the popular House/2 home automation application, announced today that he will be exhibiting his OS/2 applications at Warpstock 98.

According to Schwarz. "Last year I attended Warpstock as an ordinary attendee, but it's clear to me that the magic of Warpstock makes it a must-go for an OS/2 developer like me."

Schwarz not only will exhibit House/2, which allows operation of the X10 home automation devices, , but also the popular children's Memory Game,Warpradio, a PM program to control the RadioActive FM Radio card, and Leave One, an addictive puzzle game similar to Pegged. Schwarz also develops industrial control applications, and they will also be exhibited at Warpstock.

All of Schwarz's applications are housed at the Warped Code Cellar at http://home.att.net/~ASchw/.

Further information may be obtained from ASchw@worldnet.att.net, and the Warpstock home page can be found at www.warpstock.org.

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