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Centari Computers

Centari Computers proudly announces that they will be exhibiting at WarpStock '98 in Chicago, Illinois.

Centari Computers, a Canton, Ohio-based company, will be be offering 100% OS/2 Compatible Systems to the OS/2 community at Warpstock.

According to Centari owner Thom Davis, "We're excited about the opportunity to show our high-performance, low-cost OS/2 machines at Warpstock. We know that OS/2 users are discriminating in their tastes, and we're positioned to meet their needs. We're also very enthusiastic to be a part of an event that is already legendary after just one year."

"Warpstock attendees will be able to order OS/2 sytems by simply visiting our booth. Our systems feature the Graham Utilities v2.01 and our own Special Centari OS/2 CD which includes Netscape 2.02, Java 1.1.4 (or better) Animated Mouse Pointers, CandyBarz, and a number of other specially-selected OS/2 applications. Prior to Warpstock, OS/2 users can visit our website at http://pages.sssnet.com/Confed2/."

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