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Perfect Niche Software

Scottsdale, AZ- Perfect Niche Software today announced that it would be again exhibiting at Warpstock, the annual conference for users of OS/2 Warp, IBM's computer operating system. An exhibitor at last year's Warpstock in Diamond Bar, CA, Perfect Niche will show its new and very popular SMACK!, a general purpose labeling program specifically for OS/2.

"Even though SMACK! was only in beta last year, the response at Warpstock was phenomenal," said Perfect Niche Software president Robert Rosenwald. "We're excited about the opportunity to show our release product to the OS/2 community."

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Perfect Niche Software is the developer of CRADOC CaptionWriter, the world's best selling slide labeling program and the Photo Management System, a simple database for organizing data for photographers. The company has supplied labeling software for photographers for Macintosh, DOS, and Windows environments for the past 13 years.

For more information, call (800) 947-7155, e-mail sales@perfectniche.com, or visit the Perfect Niche Web site at http://www.perfectniche.com.

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