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BMT and Falcon Networking

For Immediate Release
June 21, 1998
Dirk Terrell, President, Falcon Networking, Inc. Thomas Bradford, President, BMT Micro, Inc.

BMT Micro and Falcon Networking are pleased to announce that they will be jointly participating in Warpstock 98.

BMT Micro is the distributor of hundreds of OS/2 software titles and other OS/2 related products. The Supersite is one of the largest, most active, and content rich OS/2 web sites. Together they have created several popular services and products and will continue to work together closely in order to serve the OS/2 community.

"We're very excited about participating in Warpstock and look forward to meeting all the enthusiastic OS/2 users," said Dirk Terrell.

"Warpstock 98 is the main event on our calendar this year." says Thomas Bradford."There is nothing that could keep us from going and getting to put faces with the names of so many people that we've had the pleasure of serving and working with over the past years."

For more information on BMT Micro, check the company web site at http://www.bmtmicro.com

To reach the OS/2 Supersite visit http://www.os2ss.com

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