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Stardock Systems

Leading OS/2 software developer plans to increase its support for Warpstock over last year.

For Immediate Release June 23, 1998

Stardock Systems, Inc. announced it will be attending Warpstock 98 in Chicago today. The company plans to bring a considerable amount of software to be given away for free plus have its flag ship products available for sale on the show floor.

1998 has been another strong OS/2 year for Stardock. So far this year, Stardock has already announced several new OS/2 products with 1998 shipdates which include:

Object Desktop 2.0 for OS/2
Stellar Frontier
PMINews 2.0
Galactic Civilizations Gold
Entrepreneur Expansion Pack

All five of these new OS/2 products will be shown at Stardock's booth at Warpstock.

Last year, Brad Wardell of Stardock attended Warpstock and gave a presentation on OS/2's past, present and future. This year, Wardell hopes to talk about the current state of OS's and where OS/2 fits into this mixture.

"Last year's Warpstock was such a success that there was no doubt in our mind for an instant about attending it this year." said Wardell

Stardock's website is at http://www.stardock.com

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