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Warpstock 2000 chat at Compuserve IBM Forum

Warpstock, Inc. (Internet)
Contact: David Ameiss, Secretary (david@ameissnet.com)

Thinking about going to Warpstock, but still not sure if it's worth the trip? Then maybe we need to have a talk.

On Saturday August 5, members of the Warpstock Committee will be present at an online chat to discuss the biggest OS/2 event of the year: Warpstock 2000. This chat is the perfect opportunity to have all your questions about the Warpstock conference answered. Attending this chat will be:

  • Stanley Sidlov, Chairperson of the Warpstock Committee

  • Other members of the Warpstock board, including Luc Van Bogaert (web master) and Timur Tabi (press release writer).

  • Some of the presentation speakers

  • Other confirmed and potential Warpstock 2000 attendees

The chat will start at 4pm Eastern time (21:00 GMT) and last as long as necessary. The join the chat, visit the Compuserve IBM Forum. You will need to register with CompuServe (it's free!) if you don't already have a "screen name" (CompuServe, AOL, and IM users already have a screen name). The sign up is quick and easy, and definitely worth it.

So spend an hour or two with us this weekend, and let us tell you why Warpstock 2000 is the one event you don't want to miss.

Those of you who are already planning on attending Warpstock 2000 are also invited to attend this chat. Feel free to ask questions and express your opinions on the upcoming conference, or talk about anything else OS/2-related.

More information about the online chat is available at : http://www.warpstock.org/2000/cis_ibmforum.html.

The 4th annual Warpstock conference will be held September 9-10, 2000, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is produced by Warpstock, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More information is available at the Warpstock 2000 web site: http://www.warpstock.org or its mirror site: http://www.ibmforum.com/warpstock/

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