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Programming Presentations at Warpstock 2000

Warpstock, Inc. (Internet)
Contact: David Ameiss, Secretary (david@ameissnet.com)

An operating system is the canvas on which programmers create their art. At Warpstock 2000, OS/2 programmers will learn a few new brush strokes.

This year's Warpstock features a wide array of software development presentations, for all levels of ability. With thirteen sessions, anyone from a complete novice to a seasoned OS/2 hacker will find something of interest:

  • "Introduction to Programming". Timur Tabi starts the conference with his well-received presentation from last year. This presentation is intended for people with absolutely no programming experience whatsoever. At the end of the session, you won't be a programmer, but you'll be able to play one on TV.

  • "The OS/2 Programming Model". Interested in writing software for OS/2, the most advanced operating system on the planet? Scott Garfinkle shows you the basics of OS/2 programming, with emphasis on multitasking and memory management.

  • "Creating WarpIN installation archives". WarpIN is the new standard for installing OS/2 applications, surpassing the outdated Software Installer and the klunky Feature Installer. Nothing ruins a good application more than a bad installation process, so let Ulrich Möller show you how to create attractive, robust, and user-friendly installation archives with WarpIN.

  • "Warpzilla: What's in it for developers?" Warpzilla is the OS/2 version of the Mozilla web browser, but the Mozilla project is about more than just browsing. Jeff Kobal, Mike Kaply, and Henry Sobotka discuss what developers can gain from Warpzilla and its accompanying modules.

  • "Introduction to Java". OS/2 is known for many things, not the least of which is its excellent Java support. Are you Java-curious? If so, then join Samuel Audet as he explains the basics of Java programming.

  • "Simplicity for Java". Carl Sayres of Data Representations takes you on a tour of his most excellent Java development environment. Even if you're not a Java developer, the sheer genius of this product will amaze you.

  • "Getting Expected Results from Java". Sun may claim that Java is "write once, run anywhere", but reality is a little more complicated than that. David Moskowitz invites you to take the Java Testing Challenge and become a better Java programmer.

  • "Jungo's WinDriver for OS/2". OS/2 drivers may be easier to develop than Windows drivers, but that doesn't mean anyone can write one. Until now, at least. Jungo has created an OS/2 version of their highly-portable driver development toolkit, WinDriver. But looks can be deceiving, and so is WinDriver. Let Timur Tabi show you what's good, and what's not so good, with WinDriver for OS/2.

  • "Programming drivers for USB devices on OS/2". The overwhelming majority of peripherals on the market today are USB, so today's OS/2 driver programmer needs to know how to use OS/2's USB support. Markus Montkowski explains the USB interface and OS/2's implementation of it, and then shows you how to write OS/2 USB drivers.

  • "XWorkplace: Extending the Workplace Shell". XWorkplace is the amazing, free WorkPlace Shell extension that really shows why OS/2 is still light years ahead of other operating systems. Ulrich Möller shows you the XWorkplace source code and how you can make your own WPS extensions.

  • "Advanced OS/2 Debugging using PMDF and Trace". OS/2 is a verypowerful operating system, and so debugging OS/2 applications can be tricky. Scott Garfinkle shows you how to use OS/2's built-in trace facilities to pinpoint problems and fix them. No OS/2 programmer should leave Warpstock without this knowledge!

  • "Building dynamic web pages using PHP". Take your web design skills to the next level! Andreas Linde introduces you to PHP, one of the most popular tools for dynamic web page generation. You will also learn how to set up your own web server and database, using Apache, MySQL, and PHP on an OS/2 system.

  • "Top Secret: New Open Source Project for OS/2!" OS/2 users rejoice - Kendall Bennett of SciTech will unveil a new open source project that will benefit all OS/2 developers, regardless of what they develop. This is not some dinky application or long-forgotten tool, this is some seriously major news, and attendees of this Warpstock 2000 presentation will be the first to hear about it.

All these presentations can be yours for the low price of $79, but only if you act now! Go to http://www.warpstock.org and register for Warpstock 2000 today!

The 4th annual Warpstock conference will be held September 9-10, 2000, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is produced by Warpstock, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More information is available at the Warpstock 2000 web site: http://www.warpstock.org or its mirror site: http://www.ibmforum.com/warpstock/

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