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Hethmon Brothers to Sponsor Saturday Night Blues

Knoxville, Tennesse
August 15, 1997

Hethmon Brothers, developers of Internet software for OS/2, have announced plans to sponsor a Saturday night social event during Warpstock. Stan Ruffo and Martin Pugh, one of the hottest acts on the national blues circuit, will perform for an enthusiastic Warpstock crowd on October 25.

"We're pleased to offer the Warpstock attendees something to relax to after an intense day of seminars," said Paul Hethmon, principal partner. "We've already committed to attending Warpstock as an exhibitor but wanted to give the OS/2 community something back as our way of saying thanks. Not to mention we're pretty big blues fans ourselves. Stan and Martin's music is great and the fact they are big OS/2 fans and use an OS/2 laptop during the shows didn't hurt a bit."

Stan and Martin's music has been described as blues, but includes strains of swing, rock 'n roll, rockabilly, jazz, and Latin. It all adds up into some fresh and exciting music for OS/2 lovers.

"Martin ~I are quite honored to be playing at Warpstock - we're blues players who use OS/2 in our live shows, so it's a perfect fit. We're thrilled to not only be playing the music we love, but it's also a chance to showcase another exciting use for an amazing Operating System," said Stan Ruffo.

More information about Stan Ruffo and Martin Pugh may be found through their web site at www.ruffo.com.

Warpstock is a conference for OS/2 users organized by OS/2 ISV's, consultants, and users. Complete details are available at the Warpstock website: www.warpstock.org.

Hethmon Brothers, developers of Internet software since 1994, are located at www.hethmon.com. The principal product of Hethmon Brothers is Inet.Mail* for OS/2, a complete SMTP/POP3 email server.

Inet.Mail is a trademark of Hethmon Brothers.

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