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Dear OS/2 User... With Love, Warpstock

Dear OS/2 User,

Right now most of us are in the summer doldrums. Sitting back in the sun, We're sitting back in the sun...taking it easy with a tall cool one, while surfing on our laptops with the beta of Netscape Communicator 4.04.

The Warpstock Team is tempted by summer's pleasures too, but we're sweating out the details of Warpstock'98. We're busy planning the site layout, contacting speakers, working out the network connections, and in general trying to make this year even bigger and better than last year's event. To make that happen, we need YOU!

As a very active member in the OS/2 community, we know that you're anxious to meet other users. You correspond with them online, you see them in your favorite virtual hangouts. This is a perfect time to remind them that, aside from the topnotch presentations you'll see and the OS/2 exhibits you'll be able to visit... you can actually see your friends, people who don't stare at you strangely when you say "OS/2."

This is our party, our chance to get together. Communicate that to the other OS/2 users you know, and encourage them to join in. Remember, the whole purpose of this event is a celebration of OS/2... and the more, the merrier.

Make your reservations now!

September 16th is just around the corner. That's exactly one month before Warpstock. On that day, the Wyndham Northwest will no longer accept Warpstock group rates. The cost of putting on Warpstock is directly based on the number of people who choose to stay in the Wyndham. We need 100 attendees to stay each night of Warpstock at the Wyndham to reduce our costs to the bare minimum.

We have arranged a bare minimum of a price to help you do just that, $99 a night for a AAA 4 Diamond hotel. This is an absolute bargain! You have to see what you're getting for your money. The hotel is outrageous. But this bargain can only be yours if you use the "WARPSTOCK" group code when you make your reservations. Call the Wyndham Northwest at (630) 773-4000 Fax: (630) 773-4087. They accept all major credit cards. They also have a web site to check out all the amenities and get directions - http://www.wyndham.com

Your can purchase your Warpstock 98 tickets and see all the latest event information from the official Warpstock web site at http://www.warpstock.org.

This is a *one time message* sent to you from the Warpstock 98 Team because you have shown an interest in OS/2 by using the OS/2 operating system or OS/2 software. Your name was found in an OS/2- related email list. We promise you that no one sold your address to us. In fact, by the time you receive this message, we'll have destroyed the list.

We have a special offer for OS/2 shareware or freeware developers. To learn more, send email to the appropriate address:

Shareware@warpstock.org Freeware@warpstock.org

While the schedule is filling up, we have plenty of open slots for presentations at Warpstock. If you're interested in sharing your expertise (or just your enthusiasm) on a particular OS/2-related subject, fill out the form at http://www.warpstock.org/exspeak.html.

Remember that Warpstock is a non-profit event in more than just the legal terms of the word. If you want to continue to see this type of event (BY OS/2 users, and FOR OS/2 users), then you have to make the pilgrimage to Chicago. But before you can begin your adventure, you need a reservation. Please, take a moment and make your lodging arrangements now, and ask everyone you know that they do the same.

Thank you for a moment of your summer, see you in the Fall.

Stan Sidlov
Are YOU going to Warpstock'98?
Oct 17-18, 1998 Chicago, IL.

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