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InnoVal Systems Solutions to
attend Warpstock 97


For additional information please contact Marianne Roderus at 914-835-3838.

Harrison, New York, September 23, 1997 - InnoVal Systems Solutions to attend Warpstock 97

InnoVal Systems Solutions announced today that it will be releasing NetExtra2 at Warpstock 97 and demonstrating some new Java technology.

"NetExtra has been a hot product for us," said Dan Porter, the president of InnoVal, in speaking about the company's add-on for the Netscape Navigator. "This is one of those tools that our customers have come to rely on when browsing the Worldwide Web or are working with in- house company web sites. NetExtra2 is the result of listening to our customers and adding new features they have requested."

InnoVal will also be demonstrating some new Java technology that it will be employing in its upcoming Post Road Mailer for Java. "We've all seen Java applets in web pages," said Porter, "but few of us have seen full-blown Java applications. At Warpstock, we will preview some of the modules for our new mailer so that users can get a first hand look at running application code. We will also demonstrate PRM3 the code name for an upcoming release of our native OS/2 Post Road Mailer. PRM3 is unique because it employs some optional Java-based features."

In addition to the Post Road Mailer and NetExtra, InnoVal produces Hacksaw and Surf'nRexx for OS/2. InnoVal also specializes in custom OS/2 client-server solutions using DB2 and OS/2- based front-end systems to legacy mainframe systems.

Additional information about InnoVal Systems Solutions and our OS/2 and cross-platform software products may be obtained by visiting our web site, writing to us, or telephoning. In addition to NetExtra, InnoVal produces the Post Road Mailer for OS/2 and Hacksaw for OS/2 and Windows NT/95.

InnoVal Systems Solutions, Inc.
600 Mamaroneck Avenue
Harrison, NY 10528 USA

Web: http://www.innoval.com
Email: innoval@ibm.net
Phone: 914-835-3838 M-F 8:30am to 6:00pm New York Time

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