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Who Will Win Warped Jeopardy! at Warpstock

Sundial Systems Corporation, 909 Electric Avenue, Suite 204,
Seal Beach, California 90740 USA
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Mr. Know-It-All Really Does Know It All
Wins Warped Jeopardy! Game at Warp Expo West
Who Will Win Warped Jeopardy! at Warpstock

September 24, 1999, Seal Beach, CA - One game down, two to go... Warped Jeopardy! made its debut at Warp Expo West and is now headed to Warpstock Atlanta. The game is hosted by Sundial Systems and is a take-off of the popular television show, but with a definite OS/2 bent and a few other twists.

Mr. Know-It-All columnist, Steven Levine, was the winner at Warp Expo West, making the most points with his correct questions. Terry Warren, president of SCOUG, and Peter Skye, representing Webfoot the Duck, filled out the trio of celebrity contestants. The game covered a wide range of categories, from Famous WWW Sites to Desktop Anagrams and Stupid Shell Tricks. Steven played for the "green" team, so everyone in the audience with a green ticket was a winner as well.

The audience gets to play in several ways, including a special short round in the middle of the game. Several contestants drawn from the audience at the first game won copies of Sundial's products Relish and Rover Pack by correctly asking questions about Warped People and Warped Places.

Take note: Warped Jeopardy! is on the schedule for Sunday at Warpstock. There will be a whole new set of categories, contestants, answers and questions - all related to OS/2. So even if you saw it the first time, you don't want to miss Sundial's Warped Jeopardy! at Warpstock Atlanta. Be sure to pick up your free admission ticket from Sundial Systems in the Exhibit Hall.

After Atlanta, Warped Jeopardy! moves to Warp Tech in May, 2000.

Pictures and news of Warped Jeopardy! at Warp Expo West are at http://www.sundialsystems.com/warpedjeopardy/wew.html

Warpstock is at http://www.warpstock.org

The Mr. Know-It-All column appears monthly at http://www.scoug.com/os24u/mrkia.html

Warp Tech is sponsored by POSSI, http://www.possi.org


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