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Only 1 week left until Warpstock 2002
There is only one week left until the OS/2 event of the year at the 4 Star Renaissance hotel in Austin, Texas. Our reserved block of rooms has been exhausted, but don't fear as there are other options still available. Read about some of them in Jason Stefanovich's article in this month's OS/2eZine "Warpstock on a Budget". http://www.os2ezine.com/20020916/page_4.html

Also as part of the contract we negotiated with the hotel, the $129 a night rate is good for single or double occupancy. If you are interested in finding someone to share a room with, Pete Grubbs has setup a mailing list on Yahoo! for people to exchange information: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WarpstockRoomates

And if you haven't done so yet, register for Warpstock 2002 and be in on all the fun and excitement. We are planning a prize give-away at the closing session. Current prizes include copies of Virtual PC, MCP1 (no Software Choice subscription), ACP1 (no Software Choice subscription), mousepads, shirts, t-shirts and a lot more. A lucky winner will receive the Linksys DSL/Cable Broadband Router that Warpstock is using for Network access this year, which is suitable for SOHO networks using OS/2, Linux, and Windows. You can register online with your VISA or MasterCard at our secure web store site: http://www.bamart.com/warpstockinc

The Warpstock Saturday Night Social has been sold out. We have been able to add a few more seats by utilizing an outside enclosed patio adjacent to our private room. We are considering making this area a smoking section, since it is the only place at the restaurant where smoking is permitted. If you are a smoker, and have already purchased a ticket for the social, please email Stan Sidlov at <customerservice@warpstock.org>.
If twenty volunteers step forward, we will move them onto the patio and free twenty seats inside. IF we can not find the required number of people, the patio will then be deemed a non-smoking area. If you are interested in attending, but were late in purchasing your ticket please reserve your seat by FAX using the CC form at http://www.warpstock.org/2002/registration/cc_form.pdf . You will be notified by email if your reservation has made the final cutoff, and your credit card will not be charged until the event in case of inclement weather forcing us to forgo use of the patio. The possibility of available seats at the event is slim since we must tell the restaurant in advance how many people to expect, but you may ask at the event registration desk.

To learn the latest information about OS/2 and eComstation, then come to Warpstock 2002, which this year is taking place in the home of OS/2 development. Warpstock will take place the weekend of October 5-6, 2002 in Austin, Texas at the Renaissance Austin Hotel. You can find the complete presentation schedule as well as event registration and hotel reservation information at our web site: <http://www.warpstock.org>.

Warpstock, Inc., is a North Carolina corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users, developers, and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy.

More information is available at the Warpstock web site : <http://www.warpstock.org>

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