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OS/2 Technologies To Take Center Stage At Warpstock

Contact: Gordon Roland, GRoland@ibm.net

Warpstock '99 Atlanta Press Release
September 27, 1999
For Immediate Release

A wide array of OS/2-based technologies for home, business, Corporate and SOHO users are on the schedule for this year's Warpstock '99 Atlanta. Attendees will find solutions for their own computing needs among products that come from OS/2 programmers working around the world.

Corporate users at Warpstock '99 will find unique money-saving OS/2 solutions for the ever-increasing costs of ownership they face with other operating systems. You'll see IBM's showcase of new OS/2-based servers, new pre-execution services and hear advanced lectures on how to set up networks for these OS/2-based products. And for truly inexpensive corporate computing, Serenity Systems will present WiseManager which allows OS/2 to boot and run user-customized applications from a server with no hard drive in the workstation, saving setup time and allowing instant replacement or upgrade of failed workstations since no software installation is necessary. Dozens of corporate solutions like these are scheduled at this year's Warpstock.

Likewise, the Small Office/Home Office user will see firsthand why OS/2 is the smartest choice for those with more modest computing budgets. From communications to productivity, OS/2 technologies can enhance everyone's small office. Learn about the new OS/2-based web servers, so you can run your online business from your living room. Achieve office productivity gains with newly-enhanced spreadsheet, word processing and database development software. Solve your junk email woes with online library-based email solutions so you'll never have to set up another filter.

At Warpstock '99, attendees will find new OS/2 and related technologies discussed on the exhibit floor, in the lecture halls, and throughout the convention center. Every OS/2 user, whether home or office, will see OS/2 used in ways never before considered. You'll learn these new technologies fast when you attend the premier OS/2 event of this century, Warpstock '99 Atlanta!

OS/2 users from around the world will meet October 16-17 in Atlanta. Visit http://www.warpstock.org for the complete information about this very special OS/2 event.

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Press release by Tom Bolick (tbolick@ibm.net).

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