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Warpstock '99 Atlanta Press Release
September 30, 1999
For Immediate Release

Save a few bucks on your air fare, and you'll have more money to spend on OS/2 software when you get to Warpstock '99 Atlanta!

We've just updated the Travel page on the Warpstock web site with a list of online air ticket discounters. Click on them all and see what they offer. We did, and found that each one has different fares. Choose the best one and get yourself to Atlanta for the cheapest price.

Plus here's a trick: After you've found your "best fare" online, call the airline directly. Sometimes they'll sell you the same tickets on the same flights for even less. That's why we also added a link to the Yahoo Airline List, to make it easy for you. And don't forget that if you're flying on Delta, you should use the special Delta Airlines File Number on the Warpstock Travel page, for an even better price.

We also added a list of the major car rental agencies, along with their 800 numbers. Once you know your flight, save yourself a few more bucks and have an inexpensive car waiting for yourself at the airport.

Don't have time for all that? We also added a link to a travel agent directory.

Here's the Warpstock Travel page, just waiting for your visit:


It's time to make your travel plans. Use the Warpstock '99 Atlanta Travel Page to save a buck - and buy yourself some extra OS/2 software.

OS/2 users from around the world will meet October 16-17 in Atlanta. Visit http://www.warpstock.org for the complete information about this very special OS/2 event.

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Press release by Tom Bolick (tbolick@ibm.net).

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