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Get Your Front Row Seats For Warped Jeopardy! - At Warpstock!

Warpstock '99 Atlanta Press Release
October 1, 1999
For Immediate Release

Did you start using OS/2 before it had a GUI? Or are you a Johnny-come-lately who talks to his machine?

Either way you'll find all the OS/2 answers, and most of the questions, at Sundial's special big-budget Warpstock event - Warped Jeopardy!

True to the TV Jeopardy! theme, Sundial has the answers and the contestants better have the questions in this take-off of the popular television show, done with a definite OS/2 bent and a few other twists. (We don't call it Warped for nothing!) The three well-known contestants see the answers and have only a few seconds to supply the proper questions in this fast-paced multimedia extravaganza and stage show delight.

Sundial Systems will be your host for this first-ever stage production at Warpstock with a whole new set of categories, contestants, answers and questions - all related to OS/2. Even if you saw Warped Jeopardy! in its wildly successful west coast debut, you don't want to miss Sundial's Warped Jeopardy! in Atlanta. This stage experience includes a few "extras", with full-motion video productions on the big screen overhead, a bit of unique "team" action and some "special" OS/2 answer categories.

There's audience participation also, with plenty of spirited chances for those who have "the questions for the answers". It's fun, it's entertaining, and there are prizes too at Sundial's Warped Jeopardy!. Take a seat in the Warpstock theater for this Hollywood-style show, and you might just walk away a winner. Seating is limited to the chairs in the auditorium, so be sure to pick up your admission tickets early at the Sundial Systems exhibit booth.

Sundial wants you to remember that "Sundial has the answers!" with their DBExpert, Mesa 2, Rover Pack, Relish and Clearlook products, and they've created Warped Jeopardy! with OS/2 answers galore. Join the rest of Warpstock at Warped Jeopardy! and watch three well-known contestants take center stage and try to link the answers to the questions.

Remember, the answer is "The Premier OS/2 Event Of This Century, Warpstock '99 Atlanta!". And the question is, of course, "Where will I be on October 16 and 17, 1999?"

OS/2 users from around the world will meet October 16-17 in Atlanta. Visit http://www.warpstock.org for the complete information about this very special OS/2 event.

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Press release by Tom Bolick (tbolick@ibm.net).

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