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David Moskowitz to Speak at Warpstock

Contact: Gordon Roland, GRoland@ibm.net

Warpstock '99 Atlanta Press Release
October 5, 1999
For Immediate Release

David Moskowitz has been a part of the OS/2 community since the first beta of OS/2 1.0 in 1987. He and Noel Bergman started the first OS/2 User Group in the country in Philadelphia as a part of the Philadelphia Area Computer Society. He has produced 4 books about OS/2 including the world wide best selling OS/2 Warp Unleashed and written numerous articles about all facets of OS/2. He developed workshops for IBM to help developers migrate their applications to OS/2, and was even a consultant to Microsoft in the early days of the operating system. More recently, he worked with IBM as an OS/2 expert at the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan.

Collectively, the 3 editions of the Unleashed series have sold over 750,000 copies world wide. Warp Unleashed was translated into numerous languages including Japanese, German, Swedish, Russian, and Italian. He was a contributing editor for OS/2 Magazine in the USA, wrote regular columns for Pointers in the UK and OS/2 World in Japan. His workshops for IBM were based upon his first book, "Converting Applications to OS/2" 1989, Brady Books.

He is currently working in the Java and e-Commerce space helping clients fully utilize today's technologies in heterogeneous environments where he uses IBM's VisualAge as well as IBM's Java implementations.

You don't want to miss the first of his four presentations at Warpstock, "OS/2 Problem Solver". You've got problems, we've got answers. If you are having problems with OS/2, making it work in a multisystem environment, or networking (including cable modems), make sure you catch this session. There will be time for your questions, too.

Next, "OS/2 - Then, Now and ??" will lead you on a path through time as David explains how OS/2 got where it is and where it is going. From the first release of OS/2 1.0 as beta in 1987 through 1999 David traces the 12 plus years from personal experience. From his first book, "Converting Applications to OS/2" (1989) which was based upon OS/2 1.0, written on a Compaq Portable II with 16 Mb RAM and a 40 Mb hard drive through the 1994 best seller, OS/2 Warp Unleashed (SAMS Publishing), David has been part of the OS/2 community. During this session he will share memories about the past, observations about the present and predictions for the future.

"Java in the Real World: A case study", will cut through the hype, and get to the bottom of this thing called Java. Everywhere you go you read about Java this and Java that. Are you thinking about using Java with your mission critical line of business applications? This session is for you if you want to learn the mistakes to avoid, or the things that work, or if you just want to compare your experiences to two other companies that have, "been there, tried it and done it."

Finally, "What you don't know about Java Security will hurt you" is a your wake up call to security issues in a Java environment. Java 2 (aka Java 1.2) introduces a new security manager. Merely knowing what's new and improved isn't enough. Is your code secure? Are you sure? Really sure? You have to decide upon the proper balance between totally secure and extensible. This session presents the basic rules you should follow to assure that your code isn't vulnerable to either accidental or malicious attack. Does your code follow them all? Did you know that following only some of them can provide a window of vulnerability? Don't assume it is secure.

From an OS/2 retrospective to cutting edge Java security issues, David Moskowitz has the presentations that you want to hear. Don't miss his unique perspective and vision for the future of OS/2 at the premier OS/2 event of the century, Warpstock '99 Atlanta.

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Press release by Tom Bolick (tbolick@ibm.net).

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