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Another Wonderful Night! "Magic Moments" Evening At Warpstock!

Contact: Larry Finkelstein (larryf@cspcorp.com) 856-234-1500

Warpstock '99 Atlanta Press Release
October 8, 1999
For Immediate Release

In the fantasy ballroom of the elegant Sheraton Gateway, on the Saturday evening of Warpstock Atlanta, you are invited to a very special and luxurious event -- an alluring adventure of Magic Moments presented in part through the gracious sponsorship of VOICE and Mensys.

Soft music will gently create a virtuous ambience, one conducive to the most proper of technical discussions with acquaintances, colleagues and OS/2 buddies. A command performance by the world traveling Comedy Magician shall bring merriment to the ballroom stage. Heaping plates of Italian dinner and dessert specialties will refreshen you after your hard day's journey through the aisles and great halls of OS/2 productivity. Two cash bars will offer further delights for those still carrying unspent moolah in their wallets.

Tickets are available from the online jester, who requests your attention be diverted to "Saturday Night Special" at the very special web page of http://www.warpstock.org/99/registration.html. Tickets are available both on-line and during the Saturday morning registration period.

Seating is at 8, with dinner from 8:30 until 9:45. Entertainment is at 10, with a relaxed atmosphere from 10:45 until midnight. A very special VOICE raffle will begin the 10:45 time period of Warpstock Magic Moments.

Join us all at Magic Moments on Saturday evening for a warm Warpstock reunion of all make-merry attendees. The ticketed guest list is already at 150, and every one of these boisterous patrons would love to have you join them on this wondrous occasion.

See the "Saturday Night Special" section at


OS/2 users from around the world will meet October 16-17 in Atlanta. Visit http://www.warpstock.org for the complete information about this very special OS/2 event.

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