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Schedule of Sessions @ Warpstock 2003

HTML and Lotus 1-2-3 versions of the latest schedule of sessions for Warpstock 2003 are available at:

  • <http://www.warpstock.org/2003/presentations/schedule.html>
  • <http://www.warpstock.org/2003/presentations/schedule.123>

As indicated, Warpstock registration is open at 6:30 PM on Friday night, October 17th, in the Exhibit room (that's the Tiburon/Sausalito room) at the hotel. Please register Friday night if at all possible. This will ensure that you and our Warpstock volunteers don't miss any of the great Warpstock sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

Here's an update on the sessions scheduled for Warpstock 2003.

Due to work timing problems, Bruce Shroeder, from NorthLAN Solutions, had to cancel his sessions as did Robin Miller of Slashdot. However, we've picked up several more including three sessions on OS/2-eCS installation, and sessions on Disaster Recovery Scenarios, Themes and UI tweaking on eCS, a demo of Stalker Software's Communigate Pro, and, as noted earlier, what should prove to be Warpstock 2003 highlights, the OpenOffice.org on OS/2-eCS and New Virtual Machine Support sessions.

Also, rumor has it we haven't heard the last from IBM yet on OS/2. We're planning a Round Table discussion on the future prospects for our OS of choice what with the imminent arrival of 64-bit operating systems that will take advantage of Intel's Itanium as well as AMD's Opteron processors. IBM folks that talk to us say they have news to share. So, this session looks to be noteworthy if not of critical value to all of us OS/2-eCS fans.

Go here for the latest sessions list and complete information about the presentations.

There's still time to make your plans to attend the seventh annual Warpstock convention in San Francisco, the city by the Bay. To register for Warpstock online, you can use our secure Bank America Mart page.

If you still need to make your hotel reservations, here's the link to the Doubletree Hotel San Francisco Airport's homepage: Doubletree Hotel San Francisco Airport's homepage

The hotel's direct number is 1-650-344-5500. Their FAX number is 1-650-340-8851.

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