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Warpstock '99 raises the bar for OS/2 events

Warpstock '99 was a resounding success. By all accounts, this was the smoothest run conference so far. Everyone will want to make plans to attend next year's event, Warpstock 2000, to see how it builds on the success of Warpstock '99.

This year, from the time you signed in, to the last raffle on Sunday, there was plenty of information and fun to be had. Peter Coffee's Keynote address was a highlight of the conference with the title "On the information super- highway, who wants to drive a Pinto?" referring to another less robust operating system. Even here, however, we were reminded of the far reach of OS/2 and Warpstock, as Peter had to explain the "Pinto" to the European attendees as a car that had a tendency to explode on rear impact.

There were a full slate of sessions covering topics for everyone. Programmers had a field day with sessions on Device Drivers, Assembly Language, and Object Rexx, for example, while nonprogrammer could see the latest demos of OS/2 software solutions. A common refrain heard during the weekend was how difficult it was to choose between all the sessions occurring in the same time slots.

Lest anyone think this was all work, however, there was plenty of fun to be had as well. The Saturday evening social, "Magic Moments", was a spectacular event. The food was fantastic, the company was enjoyable, and the entertainment was magical. Hosts VOICE and Mensys, truly made it an evening not soon forgotten. Sunday, however, Sundial's "Warped Jeopardy" tested everyone's memory as the contestants and audience attempted to find the question to the answer in this live-action game show. With answers from the earliest days of OS/2 and a look at previous marketing campaigns, attendees were treated to a hilarious version of the past, present, and future of OS/2, with prizes and discounts galore.

Between sessions and during breaks, attendees were able to meet the exhibitors and see demonstrations of the latest OS/2 products. From Serenity Systems OS/2 install in less than a half minute, to Sundial's complete product line, there was something for every OS/2 user. The Vendor 100 program also gave attendees a chance to see demos of many OS/2 products including a host of shareware software.

This year's Warpstock definitely had something for everyone. Attendees at Warpstock '99 found the facts, the friendship, the fun, and the future of OS/2. Come join us for Warpstock 2000, as we continue to make each year the BEST WARPSTOCK EVER!

OS/2 users from around the world met on October 16-17 in Atlanta. Visit http://www.warpstock.org for the complete information about this very special OS/2 event.

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