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Warpstock Board ellects Officers, Issues Challenges!

Warpstock, Inc. (Internet)
Contact: David Ameiss, Secretary (david@ameissnet.com)

Coming off "one of the most successful Warpstocks" ever, the Board of Directors of Warpstock, Inc., a non-profit company incorporated in North Carolina, USA, has gotten down to business and elected new officers.

Paul Hethmon of Hethmon Brothers Software, a three time vendor at Warpstock and a member of the Warpstock Team from the very beginning, was elected President. He replaces outgoing Board Member Larry Finkelstein.

Warpstock 99's Web master Extraordinare, and the first international member of the Warpstock Inc. Board of Directors, Luc Van Bogaert was elected Vice President. Luc was a key member of making Warpstock 99 the success that it was. He replaces the beloved Judy McDermott, another outgoing Board member.

David Ameiss, a university teacher of Computer Science, software developer, and two-time Warpstock presenter and volunteer, was elected to the position of Secretary, which was held last year by continuing Board member Tom Stevic.

Stan Sidlov, the Event Chair for Warpstock 98, and a midrange developer and manager, was elected to the position of Treasurer, succeeding outgoing Board member Mark Abramowitz.

In addition to the elected officers, John Ratti, Tom Stevic, and Jason Kowalczyk serve as directors-at-large.

The Board of Directors wishes to extend its thanks and gratitude to outgoing Board members Larry Finkelstein, Judy McDermott, Mark Abramowitz, and Rollin White for their selfless contributions to Warpstock, Inc. during their tenure.

The Board of Directors has set as its first order of business the completion of the Bid Form for Warpstock 2000. A challenge was issued to the Board to announce the winning bid on January 1, 2000. So, start getting those sites and support groups lined up. The formal announcement of the open bid will be made as soon as the Bid Form is finalized. Warpstock 2000 will be the best Warpstock yet!

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