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Clarification of Warpstock 2000 Bid Proposal Form

A request has been made to further clarify some items in the Warpstock 2000 bid proposal form:


December 1, 1999 is the date that interested teams should declare their interest in bidding on hosting Warpstock 2K. It is not the date the bids are due.

December 15, 1999 is the date that final bid proposals are due.

January 1, 2000 is the date the host team will be announced.

Much of the time required to prepare a bid proposal in years past has been spent in detailing the facilities. This has now changed so that a bidding team may propose more than one site, and much less detail on the site is required. This should reduce the time required to prepare a bid considerably. We ask that the team include general descriptions of all of the proposed sites and any additional information they can provide, but considerably less detail is expected than in years past.

*Host team selection process:
Warpstock will use the following selection process when choosing the host team. This process is designed to minimize the effects of any one site being favored by a board member(s).

Voting on a host team's bid proposal is broken into the following catagories:

A: Staff - This is the ranking of the proposed staffing for the show. The bid form should describe each key position, who it will be filled by, and that persons qualifications.

B: Program - This ranking is based upon the described program. A good proposed program will include varied presentation tracks and additional functions that will attract interest from the largest group of potential attendees.

C: Budget - This ranking is applied to the proposed budget. We will be looking at attainable goals for attendance and reasonable estimates of costs.

D: Attendee Cost - The cost of attending the show, including admission, lodging, and travel.

E: General - Everything else. The team's experience, enthusiasm, interesting goals and proposals.

For anyone interested, the complete scoring proceedure will be posted to the Warpstock web site.

*Public location voting:
In the past, the host site for Warpstock was selected entirely by the Warpstock board of directors. We feel that the people who will be attending the show should have a voice in the selection process. To that end, we will be offering the opportunity for anyone interested to vote for the location of their choice. The public votes will be factored into the scoring system we use and will account for 1/6 of the total score applied to each team.

On December 20, 1999, a website form will be made available on the Warpstock web site. All of the proposed sites will be listed and brief descriptions of each site will be included. If all of the bidding parties agree, the complete bid document will be made available. This form will be available through December 27, 1999.

We will invite everyone interested to choose among the listed locations their preference for Warpstock 2000. We will allow only one entry per person and the total number of votes will be assigned a ranking to be used in the selection equation.

The Board of directors will have 25 points to vote with. The Public will have 5 points to vote with. The public vote will be determined by a ranking system that will have a total of five points given to the team that has the most votes and 4 points to the team that has the second most votes, and so on. This works out to 1/6th of the total vote, more than any individual board member.

*Distribution of Event profits:
Warpstock, Inc. is not in business to make money. Our only mission is to facilitate the production of the annual Warpstock event. The posted bid document makes no mention of any distribution of profits or losses incurred for the show. It is Warpstock's desire to at least break even on the event, but we welcome a profit that will be applied to the following year's show. If any team wishes to bid on hosting the show with the intention of making a profit for the team, Warpstock, Inc. wants to hear their proposal along with the teams who have no interest in any financial rewards. Any User Groups that wish to run the show as a money making event need only to include that proposal in the bid they submit. Warpstock, Inc. will make no selection preferences based upon such a desire from the host team. We only want to choose the team that will provide the best show for the community.

Please direct any comments or additional questions to bids2k@warpstock.org.

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