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------------------------------ WarpCast ------------------------------

Source: Christopher B. Wright

Reply-to: wright@dtcweb.com


I'm sure a lot of you are wondering how Warpstock went.  Well, OS/2

e-Zine! will cover the goings on in-depth in the November issue, but

here's some information to whet your appetite:

I decided to call up vendors and organizers who attended Warpstock to get

their impressions of how successful it was.  As it turns out, it has

succeeded beyond _everyone's_ expections.  Conservative estimates were

that maybe 200 people would attend, and it looks like the actual number of

people who showed up may be close to double that amount.

The vendors were completely unprepared for the amount of people that

showed up.  Most weren't expecting to sell much stock, so they quickly ran

out.  Stardock System brought free software but didn't think to bring

anything to sell.  Brad Wardell said he was "stunned" by the success of

the event.

Universally, everyone I talked to said that enthusiasm was high -- that

there was a real sense of camaraderie and excitement among the attendees.

It was overwhelmingly a positive experience, and there was little (if any)

complaining about IBM.

The POSSI and SCOUG user groups were there as well.  POSSI was selling

t-shirts at the event and left after two days with only a few t-shirts

unsold.  SCOUG set up an "OS/2 Museum", which included PC's running every

version of OS/2 ever put out -- including the version of OS/2 for the

PowerPC.  (Wish I'd seen that).  This was a "hands on" museum, so you

could actually play with the operating systems as well.

There was a great feeling of optimism among the vendors.  One went so far

as to say that it was the best OS/2 event they'd ever participated in.

Still, many thought that while Warpstock was a great event that generated

a lot of energy in the OS/2 end user and SOHO community, it had to be put

to good use for something effective to come out of it in the long term.

In other words:  Warpstock was one hell of a start, but it was only a

start.  Now it's time to continue.

Christopher B. Wright, Team OS/2 (wrightc@dtcweb.com)


"We are all born originals - why is it so many of us die copies?"

        Edward Young


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