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Weekly Updates

December 11, 1997
    Just an update on the Warpstock CD here.

    The CD is currently being assembled and includes many (but not all) of the presentations made at Warpstock. It includes demo programs from several vendors, pictures of the event, questions from the SCOUG trivia contest (and answers), and much more.

    It's taken me a while to collect all of the information and get it assembled. The schedule right now is to finish up production on Friday and ship the master to the cd house right away. Given the holidays and normal production schedules for the cd house, you should start seeing cd's arrive sometime in mid to late January.

    Everyone who registered for Warpstock will receive a cd.

    For those of you who would like to purchase one, they will be available through BMT Micro and possible a few other resellers around the world.


    Paul Hethmon Warpstock 97 Chair (retired)

October 22, 1997
    Warpstock Final Update

    We issued our last weekly update, but have had some exciting things happen in the past couple of days and felt that we should let the OS/2 community in on the news.

    MSR Development Corporation, http://www.msrdev.com, issued a press release and announced that they will announce a new version of their best selling backup software and disaster recovery software at Warpstock. MSR Development Corporation are the developers of Backmaster backup software for OS/2. They will also be offering some fun things for the attendees such as, FREE screensavers made with ScreenSavrMaster authoring software. Bring some of your favorite photos and have them turned into a Screensaver!

    MSR Development has graciously and generously donated one of it's brand new MobileDrives for the raffle at Warpstock. Valued at approximately $600, the MobileDrive, a removable hard drive, has OS/2 drivers and when combined with MSR's BackMaster, can back up at an astounding rate of 90 MB/minute!

    Thanks to the enormous support of the OS/2 community, we are happy to announce that we will be providing FREE lunch for all attendees, and the Saturday night social event featuring Stan Ruffo and Martin Pugh's Blues band will also be FREE to your guest even if they weren't a registered attendee.

    Our hats go off to the OS/2 community for making this all possible. Because of YOU, there is Warpstock!

    Warpstock Steering Committee

October 20, 1997
    Does everyone have their luggage packed yet? Only six days left until Warpstock 97 debuts. The OS/2 user conference will take place outside of Los Angeles, CA in Diamond Bar, CA. During the two day conference there will be many presentations, so everyone should be able to find a topic of interest. For a complete listing and schedule of presentations visit http://www.warpstock.org/97/presentations.html

    We were also informed that some of the vendors will be making new product announcements at Warpstock. Wonder what new and exciting programs for OS/2 will be announced at Warpstock!! For full details visit http://www.warpstock.org

    This week we added Alaska Software, Inc., incorporated in 1994 near Frankfurt/Germany. US operations are based in Grand Junction, Colorado. Alaska Software, Inc are developers of object oriented and database independent Xbase technologies in 32 bit environments.

    As most of you know, Warpstock is a total volunteer effort by and for OS/2 users. We are very proud of the number of people that have come forth to contribute their time and enery to help make Warpstock a success. If you would like to be a part of this team visit http://www.warpstock.org/volunteer.html. We still have open areas and could certainly use your help.

    Well, this is the last update you'll see. Next week at this time we'll all be mulling over all of the new information that we obtained at the Warpstock conference.

    See you at Warpstock,

    Warpstock Steering Committee

October 3, 1997
    With only three weeks left until the Warpstock Conference, the Warpstock Steering Committee is now meeting bi-weekly. We're busy trying to finalize last minute details.

    Just to let everyone know a bit of what goes on behind the scenes. The entire event has been planned over the internet. We have a general Warpstock mailing list and a Warpstock Steering Committee mailing list setup and plans have blossomed from OS/2 users ideas and suggestions. We would like to thank the WEBBnet administrators for the use of their servers. We have met weekly in IRC sessions on the WEBBnet servers for a bit of "live" discussion and planning.

    This week Lotus Development Corporation was added to our list of presentations. They will demonstrate Lotus SmartSuite for OS/2.

    Saturday night is the social event which will feature a Blues band. IBM will be contributing a birthday cake in celebration of OS/2's tenth birthday.

    For those of you that don't receive InternetWeek, you might want to check out Paul Kapustka's Geek Week column at http://www.geekweek.com. He mentions Warpstock and our very own Warptock Advisor, Esther Schindler. Maybe he'll make it to Warpstock.

    If you haven't checked out the presentation page lately, http://www.warpstock.org/97/presentations.html, there are some detailed descriptions of some of the presentations.

    Sundial Systems has offered discount coupons from Six Flags Magic Mountain (in Valencia - about an hour or so from Diamond Bar). Each ticket is good for up to 6 people and gets you $12 off per person Tue - Sat or 50% off on Sun & Mon. A form is in place on the Entertainment page, http://www.warpstock.org/97/entertainment.html, if you would like to reserve tickets.

    We've had a bit of discussion going on in the general mailing list regarding food and transportation. We do have a list of local resturants listed at http://www.warpstock.org/97/food/food.html, and there is a list for car rental and hotel and motel accomodations. The Clarion in Diamond Bar still has some rooms remaining for $59/night. Be sure to mention Warptsock in order to get the discounted price.

    See you at Warpstock,

    Warpstock Steering Committee

September 26, 1997
    There are less than four weeks until the Warpstock 97 conference. This inaugural event is scheduled for October 25 - 26, 1997, 8:30 a.m. until 6 p.m daily. The site of the conference is the AQMD Headquarters in Diamond Bar, California. This is located outside of Los Angeles.

    The Warpstock home page, http://www.warpstock.org, offers complete details of the conference. Secure online registration is offered by BMT Micro and there is also information about travel and hotel accomodations, including child care while attending this OS/2 community event.

    Innoval Systems Solutions, http://www.innoval.com, issued a Press Release this week which stated that they will be releasing NetExtra2 at Warpstock 97 and demonstrating some new Java technology. InnoVal will also be demonstrating some new Java technology that it will be employing in its upcoming Post Road Mailer for Java.

    A reporter from Internet Week contacted Esther Schindler, Warpstock Committee Advisor, and they discussed his intent to write a column about Warpstock. Esther stated, " He's really excited about it, because of the "by and for OS/2 users" part, and I also stressed the "arranged completely over the Internet, untouched by human hands" angle."

    We would like to thank Presenting Solutions, http://www.presentingsolutions.com, for supporting Warpstock. Presenting Solutions will donate two LCD Projectors that will be used during the Warpstock Conference.

    If you're interested in networking or thinking of setting up your own server or lan, then you'll want to be sure to attend the "Connectivity Presentations" offered. A complete list of presentations can be found at http://www.warpstock.org/97/presentations.html . There are also some topics that have been requested by our attendees that are still open. If you would like to present one of these topics, please contact Kevin Royalty, os2guy@one.net.

    Volunteers are still needed in several areas. Please visit http://www.warpstock.org/volunteer.html.

    See you at Warpstock,

    Warpstock Steering Committee

September 19, 1997
    This week we've added four more vendors to our growing list:

    MSR Development Corporation, developers of the popular BackMaster, backup software for OS/2, will be showcase their products at Warpstock. They have even added their own Warpstock 97 web page describing their participation. We won't spoil their surprises.

    Oberon Software, developers of OS/2 software and providing OS/2 related services since 1988 will attend. Oberon products include TE/2 Pro! and TE/2 Classic, FSHL - Oberon Software's Alternative Command Line Executive, DiskStat, LstPM, and the Commpak/2 Programmer's Toolkit for creating telecommunications routines under OS/2. In addition, Oberon Software has developed unique, OS/2 based solutions for a number of major corporations in the banking and communication industries.

    Phoenix OS/2 Society, Inc (POSSI), one of the largest if not the largest OS/2 user group, will be represented at Warpstock. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, POSSI's memberships extend worldwide. Known for it's award winning OS/2 magazine, Extended Attributes (EA). POSSI offers many services to members including a monthly subscription to EA, product discounts and "members only" mailing lists, just to mention a few. You might want to stop by the POSSI booth and say "Hi" to Esther Schindler, and don't forget the chocolate!

    Adventure Software, developers of Internet Adventurer. Internet Adventurer, OS/2 Internet Suite, received the highest possible score from TUCOWS in May, 1997 and a rating of "Excellent" from Software Showcase in June 1997. The Internet Adventurer suite includes IRC, WWW (using WebExplorer or Netscape/2 interface), gopher, ftp, newsreader, mail, telnet, WebWatcher and integrated support for running native JAVA applets. Taken from the Software Showcase web page, " Support from the author, Kim Rasmussen is second to none!"

    Warpstock will offer a wide variety of presentations. We've listened to what *you* want and made every attempt to fulfill your requests. We still have a few presentation topics open, so why not take a look at http://www.warpstock.org/97/presentations.html and see if you can be of assistance.

    Developers and those considering OS/2 application development won't want to miss the "Developer-Specific" Seminars. The following presentations are presently confirmed: OS/2 Timing Services, Introduction to REXX, REXX enablement of OS/2 applications, Advanced REXX and Java programming in OS/2.

    There are also several Corporate/SOHO/Home User Seminars confirmed. So you can see that we'll have something of interest for the entire OS/2 community.

    Oh, and don't forget, after your hard day of absorbing all of the information at the numerous seminars, Saturday evening you can kick off your shoes and sit back and relax to the music of Stan Ruffo's Blues Band. This social event is sponsored by Hethmon Brothers and F/X Communications.

    Those who would like to help in making Warpstock a success, can volunteer some of your time. Our thanks go out to the many people that are contributing their time, but we are still in need of many more volunteers to fill the empty slots. Visit http://www.warpstock.org/volunteer.html for a list of openings or email volunteer@warpstock.org.

    For your convenience, we have inquired about child care during the WarpStock event. This is not a babysitting service. The child care providers are trained and have been subjected to the appropriate background checks. Cost per child for the conference (2 full days until 5:30 p.m.) is $25.00. So sign up now so that the providers will know how many children will require care. Childcare needs must be registered prior to the conference. Full details and form at http://www.warpstock.org/97/register.html

    See you at Warpstock,

    Warpstock Steering Committee

September 12, 1997
    With Warpstock 97 being only six weeks away, we are all busy at work. Volunteers are stepping forth to make Warpstock a success. Thank you! To see the list of volunteers and also the openings that we have for *you*, visit http://www.warpstock.org/volunteer.html

    We now have an image map of the AQMD floorplan for your viewing at http://www.apc.net/pwirtz/warpstock/map.htm. Looks like this is a great facility and will provide us with most of the needed resources.

    For those that haven't looked at the "Presentations" page at http://www.warpstock.org/97/presentations.html, there are two topics that should be of interest to all. IBM will be presenting OS/2 Problem Determination. This is a one-hour general overview of all new Problem Determination Tools. The second topic of interest, OS/2 Problem Determination II, will be a "birds of a feather" type discussion about the new Problem Determination Tools. These tools include significantly advnaced versions of System Trace and Process Dump.

    On 9/11/97 Larry B. Finkelstein hosted the Warpstock Steering Committee on Compuserve in the OS/2 Central Forum. A two hour conference was held. We discussed plans, ideas and answered questions. I think we may have won over a few more attendees for Warpstock! Larry would like to have another conference in the near future, so watch for announcements.

    If you haven't made your hotel reservations as yet, better hurry. The rooms at the Clarion that we have reserved at a discounted price are only guaranteed until 9/15/97 or until the supply runs out. The discounted price of $59/night includes breakfast at the hotel. Full details at http://www.warpstock.org/97/location.html.

    See you at Warpstock,

    Warpstock Steering Committee

September 5, 1997
    We've got a few more vendors and speakers lined up this week. DevTech producers of Deskman/2, desktop management suite will attend. PerfectNiche Software will be exhibiting SMACK, the soon to be released labeling program for OS/2.

    IBM continues to show support for Warpstock. This week IBM offered to provide three additional presentations. Version-To-Version Migration, OS/2 Problem Determination and OS/2 Problem Determination II. Visit http://www.warpstock.org and take a look at "Presentation Topics" for full details.

    The Warpstock steering committee was busy this week. A meeting was held at AQMD with the audio visual person. We're down to working on some of the fine details such as, room measurements, power supply, and we're happy to report that the site is well wired for network access.

    Thanks go out to SCOUG volunteers, Tony Anton, Tony Butka, Randell Flint, Ron Moy, Orasion Robles, Steve Schiffman, Terry Warren, Rollin White and Gary Wong. These folks gave up a several hours of their Labor Day weekend to promote Warpstock. They obtained a table at the Pomona/LA Computer Marketplace and showed off OS/2 as well as providing Warpstock information and fliers.

    Volunteers are still needed in many areas. Visit the Warpstock home page at http://www.warpstock.org and check the Volunteers page for needs.

    See you at Warpstock,

    Warpstock Steering Committee

August 30, 1997
    Warpstock 97 is only eight weeks away and we have some exciting events lined up. The conference will take place October 25 and 26 of this year outside of Los Angeles at the AQMD in Diamond Bar, California. Visit http://www.warpstock.org for full details of this OS/2 community event.

    With so little time left before the conference, weekly updates will be posted on several sites as well as full details on the Warpstock home page, http://www.warpstock.org.

    Here's a summary to bring you up to date.

    Discounted travel arrangements can be made through Ship and Shore Travel Agency. The Clarion Hotel in Diamond Bar, CA, is also offering a discount to Warpstock attendees. Be sure to make your reservations early. You may also arrange for childcare during the conference. Details and form available on homepage.

    Discussions with IBM continue as plans are made for the company's participation.

    Stardock Systems announced plans to exhibit and sponsor a games contest. The games contest will feature B.U.G.S. and Entrepreneur with prizes awarded for high scores. Brad Wardell of Stardock Systems will present a seminar based on his "Past, Present and Future OS/2" series. He will also present new material at Warpstock.

    True Spectra announced plans to exhibit at Warpstock. They will be showing off Photo>Graphics and Photo>Graphics Pro. Special show prices will be offered. Terry Hamilton will present a seminar on using Photo>Graphics. This will help the attendee to learn some of the finer points of using Photo>Graphics.

    Michael Kaply, Technical Lead of Netscape Communicator for OS/2, will present a seminar on Netscape Communicator for OS/2. Mike is an IBM developer working at Netscape.

    Whew, tired yet? Well it's time for some fun.

    Hethmon Brothers, developers of Internet software for OS/2, and F/X Communications, developers of InJoy, will sponsor a Saturday night social event. Stan Ruffo and Martin Pugh, one of the hottest acts on the national blues circuit, will perform for an enthusiastic Warpstock crowd on October 25. Stan and Martin's music has been described as blues, but includes strains of swing, rock & roll, rockabilly, jazz, and Latin. It all adds up into some fresh and exciting music for OS/2 lovers.

    There are several vendors and speakers that have confirmed their participation. We're working with many others and they will be posted when confirmed. We still have open topics, so if you're interested in presenting a particular topic or if there's a topic that you would like to suggest, contact Kevin Royalty, os2guy@one.net.

    We are still in need of volunteers. Warpstock is a 100% volunteer effort. You may volunteer as much or as little of your time as your schedule allows. Please check out the volunteer link on the Warpstock homepage and help us make Warpstock a complete success.

    See you at Warpstock,

    Warpstock Steering Committee

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