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Presentation File Viewers

Lotus Freelance Viewer (LTPlayer)(Plays Lotus Freelance Presentations (PRZ) and Presentation Lists (PLZ)
A complete, drop-in package fix for Warp 3/Connect to run the Lotus Player. (Does not include Ltplayer.exe available above!)
How to Obtain the PowerPoint Viewer for 16-Bit Systems
Used for playing Microsoft Power Point Presentations (PPT)
Direct download link for Ppview16.exe

Warpstock 2003 Library

A video montage of Warpstock 2003, by Thorolf Godawa (352x288 Real Media format (RM)), approximate runtime: 20 minutes, filesize: 32MB
A video montage of Warpstock 2003, by Thorolf Godawa (720x576 AVI format),approximate runtime: 20 minutes, filesize: 225MB
A video montage of Warpstock 2003, by Thorolf Godawa (352x288 MPeg1 format (MPG)),approximate runtime: 20 minutes, filesize: 200MB
Note: All versions of this video are viewable under OS/2 using the WarpVisionGUI player.
The MPeg1 version is viewable using the native OS/2 MPG viewer (VB.EXE) included with all versions of OS/2 Warp and eComStation.
CSSDir Demonstration - Paul Curtis (HTML)
DFSee, Introduction and concepts - Jan van Wijk (PRZ)
DFSee, PC disk and file system info - Jan van Wijk (PRZ)
DFSee, Usage examples - Jan van Wijk (PRZ)
eCSMT, eComStation Maintence - Chuck McKinnis (PRZ)
Innotek Development Tools - Oliver Stein (PDF)
Innotek Webpack for OS/2 - Oliver Stein (PDF)
Networking for Non-Geeks - Stan Sidlov (PRZ)
Novell and OS/2 - Lewis G Rosenthal, CNA (PRZ)
Open Office.Org for OS/2 - Oliver Stein (PDF)
Opening Open Source - Lynn Maxson (TXT)
REXX PARSE Exposed - Chip Davis (PRZ)
Stalker Software - CommuniGate Pro Messaging Server - Phillip Slater (Original PPT)
Stalker Software - CommuniGate Pro Messaging Server - Phillip Slater (PRZ)
Themes and UI Customization in eComStation - Taylor (PRZ)
Virtual Machines - Robert Henschel (PDF)
Wireless with OS/2 - Lewis G Rosenthal, CNA (PRZ)

Warpstock 2002 Library

eComSation Maintenance and Updates - Chuck McKinnis
OS/2 Device Driver Programming - Daniela Engert
OS/2 Device Driver Snippets - Daniela Engert
Emulation under OS/2 - Darrell Spice
XML Processing on the OS/2 platform - Gergory Bourassa
Java 2 and Mozilla - Gregory Shah
JVM 1.4 and Mozilla Services - Greg Shah
Writing Rexx Programs for the WarpDoctor Rexx Netscape Plugin - Douglas Clark
SESAME - a complete security solution for OS/2 - Gregory Shah
Golden Code Trace Suite - Gregory Shah
DFSee Samples - Jan Van Wijk
DFSee, an introduction - Jan Van Wijk
Disk Backup Info - Jan Van Wijk
SciTech SNAP Graphics for OS/2 - Kendall Bennett
IBM OS/2 Web Browser / Mozilla - Mike Kaply
Updates on OS/2 Device Drivers and Support for IBM Hardware - Oliver Mark
Migrating from NetBios to TCPbeui - Oliver Mark
Get connected through Infrared - Oliver Stein
Connectix Virtual PC for OS/2 - Oliver Stein
Starfire Titan - Richard Spurlock
Java and OS/2 - Ron Capelli
Speed & Performance On OS/2 - Sam Emrick
OS/2 Architecture - Scott Garfinkle
Problem Determination Tools in OS/2 - Scott Garfinkle

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