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List of Events at Warpstock 98

Event List

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Vendor Displays

Here are a few of the vendors booths you will be able to visit at Warpstock 98.

Aviar, Inc., a custom software ISV, developers of V Trex, a voice-controlled DB/2 query product, Oz, the world's only 100% OS/2 Computerized Maintenance Software System, and "Object REXX by Example," a book illustrating the joys of Warp's Object REXX.

Aviar will also be hosting RexxLA, the Rexx Language Association, who will convince you of the benefits of joining this organization dedicated to the wonders of the Rexx language. Booth 74

Aquila Systems., produces hardware, software, and systems to allow users to collect and analyze imagery from the network of worldwide weather satellites. Our products are designed for direct reception meaning directly receiving a radio signal from the satellite. We offer products that span all weather satellite types and provide a rich feature set.  Booth (tba)
BMT Micro, Inc., a state of the art software distribution service for over 700 different products and 250 developers in more than 10 countries. Booth 35
Carbon Based Software, makers of ZipStream, CryptStream, and ZipStream Secure Version 2.00. Booth 25
Centari Computers, a hardware and software reseller catering to the OS/2 market. Booth (tba)
Computer Data Strategies, Inc., developers of Back Again/2, powerful system backup software for OS/2. Booth 13
Data Representations, Inc., developers of Simplicity for Java, a 100% Pure Java RAD tool. Booth 42
Deep Thought, Inc. Booth 43
DevTech Inc., the developers of DeskMan/2, a desktop management suite for OS/2. Booth 33
Falcon Networking, owners of the OS/2 Supersite and OS/2 e-Zine! Booth 35
Golden Code Development,Golden Code Development Corporation is a computer consulting company, which provides its clients with systems engineering and software development services. We specialize in OS/2 and networking technologies. Booth (tba)
Hethmon Brothers, developers of internet software since 1994, specializing in server software with easy to use interfaces. Featuring Inet.Mail for OS/2, a complete SMTP/POP3 server. Booth 12
Indelible Blue, one of the leading hardware and software resellers in the OS/2 market. Booth 14
Minzloff Data, a consulting center for solutions based on modern, open, 32-bit multitasking Operating Systems, focusing on OS/2. Booth 62
OS/2 Supersite, a one-stop resource for OS/2 enthusiasts. Contains a searchable index of OS/2 sites, hints and tips, a Hobbes mirror site, and software that can be purchased online. Booth 35
Perfect Niche Software, the creators of SMACK! for OS/2, a label making program. Booth 22
PolyEx Software, the developers of the OS/2 games Hopkins:FBI and Vigilance on Talos IV, as well as the Wordup Graphics Toolkit. Booth 72
Prolog Development Center, developers of Visual Prolog, a tool used to design cross platform graphical applications. Booth 73
The Phoenix OS/2 Society, a computer group dedicated to OS/2 and OS/2 Warp. Publishes extended attributes, an award-winning print magazine covering OS/2. Booth 24
R.O.M. Logicware GmbH, a german company that makes the Papyrus word processor. Booth 34
Serenity Systems, a solutions provider that integrates the computer, telephone and voice and data networks to support business needs. Booth 23
The Software Development Group, creators of BizWiz and MoneyWiz, financial programs for the OS/2 platform. Booth 11
The Southern California OS/2 User Group Booth 54
Stardivision GmbH is bringing StarOffice to Warpstock! StarOffice is a feature-rich office suite that can go toe-to-toe with Microsoft Office, the industry standard. German Site. International Site. Booth 15
Stardock Systems, the company that brought high quality games (Galactic Civilizations, Avarice, Entrepreneur) and Object-oriented desktop integration (Object Desktop) to the OS/2 market. Booth 44
Sundial Systems Corporation, a software company specializing in the OS/2 market. Programs that come from this company include Relish, DBExpert, Mesa 2, and Clearlook. Booth 53
Theta Band Software LLC, a company specializing in OS/2 multimedia products; and Lindsay Computer Systems, a computer hardware reseller. Booth 71
Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education, a non-profit virtual on-line user group formed by a small group of OS/2 users united with a common goal: the advancement of OS/2 through education, promotion and marketing. Booth 45
The Warped Code Cellar, exhibiting HOUSE/2, a home automation program using X10 devices, Memory Game and Leave One, two speech-enabled games for all ages, rxPortIO, hardware I/O access made simple with REXX, and WarpRadio, an OS/2-native program for computer FM radio cards. Booth 63
Warpspeed Computers, showcasing Graham Utilities for OS/2, a complete set of OS/2 system maintenance tools. Booth 55
ZGC, Inc., Agents for Carbon Based Software, exhibiting ZipStream, CryptStream, and ZipStream Secure for OS/2. Booth 25

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