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Information for Exhibitors and Speakers

We're delighted that you're interested in communicating with Warpstock 98 guests as either a speaker or exhibitor. You join the scores of other individuals responsible for ensuring that Warpstock's content is of high quality.

You can jump directly to either of these sections:

Speaker Information

The Warpstock staff is looking for individuals who can present quality information in an engrossing way about OS/2 Warp and related topics. We hope you'll sign up as a speaker and share your knowledge with others. To sign up to speak, please fill out the form below.

Company Name:
City: State/Province:
Postal Code: Country:
Telephone Number:
Title of Presentation:

Description of Presentation (50 words or less recommended):

Equipment and/or Connection Required(if any):

Comments and/or Questions:

The Warpstock staff looks forward to hearing from you! You should hear back within ten days.

We expect speakers will register as regular guests. However, speakers also enjoy several special privileges:

  • Admission to Welcoming Reception. All speakers are invited to attend Friday evening's Welcoming Reception to meet and greet fellow Warpstock speakers, exhibitors, and Platinum Pass guests.
  • Speaker preparation area. At Warpstock 98 speakers will be able to take advantage of a reserved lounge area for speakers and exhibitors, with dedicated volunteers on hand to help try to resolve last minute problems.
  • Shipping and receiving services. Speakers may ship presentation materials and equipment to the Warpstock 98 office, to be held for the presentation. In addition, postpaid boxes which need to be return shipped will be handled by Warpstock volunteers. Please contact the Warpstock staff if you need information on shipping and receiving services.
  • Presentation host. Your presentation will be hosted by a Warpstock volunteer who will be on hand throughout your presention.

All Warpstock seminars are scheduled to last 1 hour and 20 minutes each. We recommend that you rehearse your presentation so that it lasts just over 1 hour, to allow a significant amount of time for questions and answers. Please be sure to repeat all questions asked, or at least summarize them, so that everyone hears the question. Larger seminar rooms will include a microphone for you to use. Even if you believe that everyone can hear you, we still recommend that you use the microphone at all times.

In 1997 we experienced a significant number of problems with equipment and connections during seminars. We encourage presenters to bring their own notebook computer and to test the computer with the projection device well before the seminar begins. We also recommend that you arrive with your computer set to 640x480 at 60 Hz refresh (with 256 colors). Every computer projection device supports this standard VGA format, and you won't have to worry about computer projection problems in the middle of your presentation. We strongly discourage reliance on external Internet connections, which may not even be available in some seminar rooms. We recommend using presentation tools such as Lotus Freelance Graphics, PMView (for screen capture), and Netscape (in kiosk mode, loading pages from a local hard disk) to demonstrate concepts. However, regardless of your equipment and connection needs, please include a full description (even including an overhead projector, if that's what you plan to use) in your presentation information. Please contact the Warpstock staff if you have any questions or concerns about your equipment needs.

Exhibitor Information

It's easy to sign up as an exhibitor. Just complete the online secure Warpstock registration form, and you're all set. (Please fill out one form for each table you wish to reserve.) You should be contacted within 30 days. If not, or if you cannot use the secure online form, please contact the Warpstock staff for more information.

Vendors may want to note a few additional items. Warpstock will have all the necessities and amenities to show off your OS/2-friendly products in the best possible light. The exhibitor space will be 10 feet x 7 feet. It will have a 8 foot high back drop, 3 foot high draped sides and a identification placard. A six foot draped table, 2 chairs, wastebasket, and 15 amp electrical service. Double sized spaces are available. Internet access is available by prior request; for Internet access for your exhibit contact our Network Coordinator, Jason Kowalczyk (network@warpstock.org)

For further information or special needs, please contact the Warpstock Facilities Chair, John G. Herbert (facilities@warpstock.org) or use our web page https://secure.falcon-net.net/BMT/warpstock.html and make your reservation to exhibit at Warpstock 98. Premium space is filling up quickly, so announce your attendance as soon as possible!

Special Shareware Developer Demonstrations
Can't afford a booth? You're a one-man-shop and you sell shareware and only via the Internet or BMT and Indelible Blue? Watch for our special developer demonstration announcement. We will give pre-registered developers an announced 1 hour slot to demonstrate their product to up to 82 people for a very small fee.

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