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Warpstock 98 Travel Information

Chicago is America's biggest transportation hub. You can get to Chicago from just about anywhere in the world easily and relatively inexpensively. Here are just some of the ways you can arrange to get to Warpstock 98:

  • Private Aircraft. Money no object? For the ultimate in luxury transportation, fly your private aircraft into one of Chicago's convenient airports. We recommend Meigs (CGX), Midway (MDW), or Palwaukee (PWK)
  • Airlines. Chicago is a major airline hub, serviced by many US and international carriers. Isthca is nearest Chicago's O'Hare airport, and a $18 limosine ride away from the Wyndham. Limousine service can be requested for travel to the Wyndham Northwest by calling "My Chauffeur Limousine Service," 1-800-244-6200 (please make your reservations 24 hours in advance), and travel time is anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

    Airline travel can be booked online with a number of services (Travelocity, etc...).

  • Automobile. If you drive to Warpstock you can choose from many suburban hotels (with lower room rates), more than making up for parking expenses downtown. Chicago is quite easy to navigate by car. If you're trying to arrange shared rides to Chicago for Warpstock, try using the Internet newsgroup alt.org.team-os2 to let other people know whether you're looking for a ride or whether you can offer one.
  • Train. Most of Amtrak's major long distance trains start or end in Chicago. Amtrak's zone fares can make even long trips affordable. When you arrive in Chicago's Union Station it's usually an inexpensive taxicab ride to your downtown hotel.
  • Hitchhiking. We do not recommend this particular form of transportation. Instead of hitchhiking try sharing a ride with someone attending Warpstock who has space available in his or her automobile.
  • Freight trains. We do not recommend this form of transportation either. Although many freight trains arrive into Chicago every day, hopping on a train can be dangerous.
  • Boat. Commercial shipping at least passes by Chicago. The city is conveniently located along Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is linked to the Atlantic via the St. Lawrence Seaway system and to the Gulf of Mexico through the Mississippi River system.
  • Bus. Greyhound stops near Chicago's Union Station, with service from just about anywhere in North America. Check Greyhound's special advance and group fares for the best bargains.

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