Warpstock 2005 - Hershey, Pennsylvania, October 6 - 9 2005

Warpstock 2005
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Use our Speaker Form to submit your presentation proposals

Information for speakers at Warpstock 2005 :


Contact our Speaker Coordinator Edgar Scrutton (classes@warpstock.org) for inquiries about doing a presentation at the Warpstock 2004 Conference, submitting papers, the event schedule or related information.

Presentation Slides

For your convenience, we have created several official Warpstock templates to be used for your presentations.

How and Where to Send Presentation Proposals

Please email your presentation proposal to our Speaker Coordinator Edgar Scrutton (classes@warpstock.org) in plain text (.txt) with no extra markup. The proposal should include:

Lack of experience will not disqualify a speaker.


To be announced shortly.

Presentations Categories

Please see our list of presentation suggestions. This list is offered to stimulate ideas and should not be considered the only topics that will be entertained.

Presentation sessions

Presentations should be approximately one hour in duration, including introduction and question and answer. Sessions are scheduled throughout the two days of the conference, from 08:30 am until 05:30 pm. See the Presentation Schedule for details.

Some Tips...

Bring a copy of your presentation on floppy disk, and a CD copy of all the software you need to make your presentation. This will allow you to install everything onto someone else's laptop. Email the presentation materials to Warpstock for inclusion in a private area of the web site, as an additional backup.

Make printouts of your presentation, and then make photocopies of that printout for the attendees. Not only will the photocopies act as a backup in case the projector doesn't work, but the attendees will appreciate them as a reference during and after the session.

Presentation Facilities

Warpstock has four conference rooms setup with theatre style seating, and a PA system available in each room. Each room will have a riser with a table and podium up front. Data projectors with screens will have a VGA extension cord that will allow the presenter to plug in his computer and control the equipment from the front of the room.

Clarification on submitting papers

We don't need an extensive document, just a brief description of what you want to present.

As a guideline, a one hour presentation generally contains 1500 to 2000 words. If you wish to submit an accompanying paper for our proceedings document it can be up to about 5000 words. But you don't need to submit 1500 to 5000 words in order to be considered for a presentation slot.

A one hour presentation generally means about 50 minutes of content and 10 minutes of preliminaries and closing. If you have a longer presentation in mind, say 1.5 hours, we would want to structure it as 10 minutes of preliminaries, 45 minutes of content, 15 minute break, another 45 minutes of content, and 5 minutes of closing. So it would neatly fit into two one hour slots.

Don't be shy. Conferences like Warpstock consistently report that the best received and most valued presentations are from people who know what they're talking about. If you have something to say, you'll do fine.

This is your conference. Your participation is what will make it a success. Thank you for your contributions.

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