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  • Coordinator
    Contact our Presentation Coordinator for inquiries about doing a presentation session at the Warpstock Conference, submitting papers, the event schedule or related information.

  • Presentation sessions
    Presentations should be approximately one hour in duration, including speaker introduction and Q&A. Sessions are scheduled throughout both days of the convention, from 08:15AM until
    06:30PM. See the Presentation Schedule for details.

  • Some Tips...
    Bring a copy of your presentation on floppy disk, and a CD copy of all the software you need to make your presentation. This will allow you to install everything onto someone else's laptop.
    Email the presentation materials to Warpstock for inclusion in a private area of the web site, as an additional backup.

    Make two-per-page printouts of your presentation, and then make photocopies of that printout for the attendees. Not only will the photocopies act as a backup in case the projector doesn't work, but the attendees will appreciate them as a reference during the session.

  • Presentation Facilities
    Warpstock has 4 business class conference rooms, fully equiped with projectors, screens and microphones.

  • Deadlines
    Here are some suggested deadlines. Meeting those will help the Event Team to schedule presentations in the best possible way. Thank you for your consideration.

    Presentation Title & Abstract : August 12, 2000.
    Presentation Paper : August 25, 2000.

Speaker Support

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