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Warpstock 2001 Presenters
The Event Team would like to thank all presenters for their support and help to make the fifth edition of Warpstock a success.

Brad Barclay

Brad Barclay, the project administrator and lead developer for ManplatoSync for Java, had his first programming experience when he was 10 years old on a Commodore PET. Mr. Barclay graduated from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, in the spring of 1999 with an Honours B.Sc. in Computer Science. For over two years, he has worked at IBM's Toronto Software Lab as the Lead Developer of the DB2 for OS/2 Install Team.

Gregory Bourassa

Gregory Bourassa has a degree in computer engineering, and has 12 years experience programming with and for the OS/2 environment, having started with version 1.3. He has designed and built Expert Systems, simulators, Web-commerce systems, document management systems, and various language parsers and interpreters. His current activities involve XML, logic programming, parser generators, Java, and telecommunications Element Management Systems.

Brent Bowlby

Bio to follow shortly.

Douglas Clark

Douglas Clark has been using OS/2 since Hector was a pup and doing various things to and with databases for even longer. He finds himself programming in a number of different languages on a day to day basis and yet he is not an expert in any of them. He considers his day to be success if the computer does not catch fire.

Benjamin Claypool

Benjamin Claypool is a Support and Development Specialist for Starfire's Technologies division. Ben has been supporting customers using OS/2 for over four years. Additionally, Ben is an R5 Principal Certified Notes Developer and works to bring a strong customer focus to the solutions that Starfire offers, including handling any aspect of IBM Secureway Firewall, Windows, and a variety of UNIX platforms.

Micho Durdevich

Micho is a research professor at the Institute of Mathematics, of National Autonomous University of Mexico. He has been developing some weird things related to quantum geometry and physics on a quantum space-time. When he is in a classical mode, he enjoys drinking tequila and remote-booting everything from OS/2 Warp Server.

John W. Edwards

John Edwards is a retired educator who has been involved with personal computers since 1980. He has used OS/2 since version 2 and has been an OS/2 advocate ever since. He has been actively involved with the Kitchener-Waterloo OS/2 Users Group for a number of years and is the current President of KW/2. John is the Event Chair for Warpstock 2001.

Eric Faulhaber

Bio to follow shortly.

Patrick J. Gleason

MSEE Syracuse University, 1982; 26 years of employment in software engineering; 12 years developing OS/2 apps and device drivers; 6 years developing internet apps for OS/2.

Achim Hasenmüller

Achim Hasenmüller works at InnoTek in Stuttgart, Germany as a consultant for software development and e-business technologies. As an OS/2 lover since 1991, he has built a great expertise in OS/2 development and is working on many exciting OS/2 projects, such as the recently released Flash plugin for OS/2 by InnoTek and the MetaBox WebTV.

Dr. Uwe Hinz

Age 46, nationality German. PhD on Electronic Measurement and Equipment. Dealt with IT since 1980. Application of computers within data acquisition projects. Programming in Assembler, Pascal, Basic, C and REXX on CP/M, DOS, Windows and OS/2. OS/2-User since 1997. Starting with OS/2 v.4 in 1998 and running an OS/2-WWW-Server since then. Maintaining a SOHO-LAN with OS/2, Windows, LINUX-Clients and remote printers.

Eric Lavoie

Eric Lavoie, has been working as a consultant for the last 10 years, and is the owner of Zeryx software a Canadian company that produced custom software, until last year when ZxMail was released. He has been working in OS2 for the last 10 years.

Oliver Mark

Oliver Mark is Offering Manager for OS/2 related Services at IBM Global Services Central Region. He has more than ten years of experience in OS/2 and Warp environments as well as experiences with Warp Server, Warp Server for e-business, Workspace On-Demand, CID Installations, NetFinity and Remote Access Services. He holds certifications as IBM Certified Expert for AWarp 2.x, 3.x and 4.x, Warp Server and Warp Server for e-business as well as IBM Certified Instructor for Warp and Warp Server. He works closely with TeamOS/2 in Germany and international areas.

Markus Montkowski

Markus Montkowski is working as a software developer for Open-IT. In his free time he works on netlabs projects mainly USB drivers for OS/2 and ODIN.

Kevin E. Peterson

Bio to follow shortly.

Dr. Jeffrey Race

Founder and President of Cambridge Electronics Laboratories, which designs and markets high-technology telecommunications equipment, and a founding partner of PT Industries International Ltd, which is commercializing a patented copper-pair line-testing technology. Concurrently since 1976, consultant to many private firms, governmental bodies, international agencies and educational institutions with Far East operations, concentrating in the fields of new business development, new technology introduction, strategic planning, successful negotiating strategies, and political risk.

Marcus Riley

Bio to follow shortly.

Armin Schwarz

Armin Schwarz is an Electrical Engineer and has been using OS/2 since version 2.11. Using his professional expertise in controls, instrumentation and systems engineering, he develops OS/2 programs in his spare time for real-world devices like uninterruptible power supplies, X10-based computer controllers for home automation and weather stations. He is currently working on UPS Monitor for OS/2 to extend support for as many UPS brands as possible.
Gregory Shah
Bio to follow shortly.

Darrell Spice Jr.

Darrell Spice Jr. has ported Atari, Coleco, Sega and Gameboy emulators to OS/2. http://home.houston.rr.com/spiceware/

Richard Spurlock

Richard Spurlock is the Vice President of Starfire Engineering & Technologies, Inc. A graduate of the University of Kansas with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Richard has been deploying and developing for OS/2 since the 1980s. Richard focuses on creating ways in which customers can effectively and consistently leverage their current and future investments in cross-platform Network Computing technologies that drive their businesses.

Oliver Stein

Oliver Stein is an advisory software specialist with more than 10 years of OS/2 background. After joining IBM in 1992 he had various positions in technical marketing and support in IBM's Software business. During this time he was the focal point for companies interested in OS/2 device driver development. Since 1999 he is the technical lead for Server Managed Client solutions in IBM Global Services Germany.

Timur Tabi

Timur Tabi is the world's sexiest OS/2 developer. When he's not modeling men's underwear for Victoria's Secret, he writes OS/2 and Linux device drivers. Timur's list of accomplishments, both with and without his clothes on, are too numerous to include here, but you can get an idea of just how studly he is by visiting his web site at http://www.tabi.org/timur
Jack Troughton
Bio to follow shortly.

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